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Environmental Technology Council Created

Release Date: 10/13/2004
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Contact: Suzanne Ackerman 202-564-7819 /

(10/13/04) EPA has formed a new Environmental Technology Council to apply new technologies to address complex environmental problems. This year, the Council will select at least 10 priority environmental concerns needing new technology approaches. As the United States continues to face difficult and costly environmental challenges, Administrator Leavitt has identified technology as key to developing more cost-effective, timely solutions. The Council will consist of representatives from EPA, the states and tribes. For each problem, the Council will form an action team that may bring in experts from other federal agencies, industry and other stakeholders. Selection of problems will be based on risk, connection to regulatory requirements and potential for significant cost reduction. One example the Council may address is the limitations and cost of conventional methods of emissions monitoring by states and private companies for regulatory compliance. Remote sensing (RS) technology has greatly improved in the last decade, and now could supplement or replace older emission and pollution detection methods. Current RS technology can detect a number of pollutants simultaneously, thus reducing the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish monitoring objectives. By focusing and combining existing resources from EPA, states, other governmental agencies and the private sector, the Council will achieve its goals without new resources. More information about the Environmental Technology Council can be found at: .