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Ozone Action Day Declared Poor Air Quality Forecasted for Friday, June 27th

Release Date: 6/26/2003
Contact Information: Donna Heron, 215-814-5113 & Carol Febbo, 215-814-2076

Donna Heron, 215-814-5113 & Carol Febbo, 215-814-2076

PHILADELPHIA – The Delaware Valley Ozone Action Partnership announces that tomorrow is an OZONE ACTION DAY - a day when ground-level ozone concentrations are expected to exceed the federal health-based air quality standard. According to partnership meteorologists, tomorrow’s weather patterns are ideal for the formation of unhealthy levels of ozone in the lower atmosphere.

Ground-level ozone or smog is formed when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides react in sunlight. The chemicals are emitted from vehicles, power plants, factories gas stations and charcoal grills. To help keep the region’s air healthy, residents, government and businesses are asked to voluntarily limit or postpone certain ozone-producing activities. For example:

– Limit daytime driving and combine errands.

      – Ride public transportation or carpool to work.
– Refuel your car in the evening - and don’t “top off” your tank.
– Maintain your vehicle’s emission control equipment.
– Postpone the use of gasoline-powered movers until evening.

Research shows that prolonged exposure to high concentrations of ground-level ozone can cause lung damage in humans. Like a sunburn on your skin, ozone can “burn” cells in the lung’s airways, ultimately leading to permanent lung damage. Young children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems are more at risk to the effects of ground-level ozone and should avoid the outdoors. Even healthy adults exercising outside may experience lung problems on high ozone days.

The season of elevated ozone runs from May through September.