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EPA Urges Residents near Hazleton Gas Spill to Sign Up for Sewer Vent Traps Before July 1 Deadline

Release Date: 4/11/2001
Contact Information: David Polish, (215) 814-3327

David Polish, (215) 814-3327

Hazleton, Pa. - The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is urging all residents within the Tranguch Gasoline Spill area to sign up to have a sewer vent trap installed in their home before the current deadline of July 1, 2001.

EPA has been installing sewer vent traps at homes within the spill area, which is bounded by Black Creek, Hayes Street, Church Street, Fisher Avenue, and 17th Street. Those residents who have already requested sewer vent traps should receive them by the end of April 2001, as was projected in the Project’s Response and Cleanup Plan.

The sewer vent traps are designed to prevent gasoline vapors from entering homes from the main sewer lines. Sewer vent traps are generally considered a standard construction item and are required by most current building codes because sewer gas, itself, can pose a threat to human health and welfare.

EPA expects to begin replacing the storm and sanitary sewer lines on 22nd Street in April 2001. The project should be completed by early Fall 2001. Once this construction is completed, there will be no further need for EPA to install sewer vent traps to protect homes from gasoline vapors since these vapors will no longer be entering the storm and sanitary sewer lines.

Homeowners within the study area who want a sewer vent trap installed but have not yet requested one must contact EPA before July 1, 2001 to get on the installation schedule. To get on EPA's sewer vent installation schedule, residents should call (570) 453-0981 or (570) 455-9007, as soon as possible.