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Cleanup Work at Cabin Realty Site in Taunton Underway

Release Date: 01/03/2006
Contact Information: David Deegan, 617-918-1017

Cleanup Work at Cabin Realty Site in Taunton Underway

(Boston) -
EPA recently began work at the Cabin Realty site in Taunton, Mass. to facilitate removal of asbestos hazards that otherwise could become airborne.

The work began on Dec. 27 and is expected to continue during the next several weeks, weather permitting. EPA's contractors have already completed a controlled demolition of the boiler room and adjacent smokestack, allowing asbestos in the boiler room and surrounding area to be removed safely. Asbestos pipe wrap will also be removed throughout the rest of the buildings.
As this work proceeds, limited demolition may occur in discrete areas if required to safely access and remove asbestos.

The abandoned and dilapidated buildings, at 100 Arlington Street, are in an advanced state of disrepair. As the buildings continue to degrade, the asbestos materials within become more easily crumbled and pulverized, and potentially airborne. EPA's work is designed to eliminate this potential health hazard.

While demolition and asbestos removal work is underway, EPA is taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of nearby residents. Areas being demolished, and all material that may contain asbestos, are wetted prior to any work to reduce the chance of airborne dust. EPA also performs air monitoring within the worksite and along the property perimeter to identify whether any particulate matter (dust) or asbestos becomes airborne. If air monitors detect total particulates above federal safety standards for workers or the public, work will be immediately halted and EPA will apply additional engineering controls to safeguard public health.

EPA has worked closely with officials from the City of Taunton and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to coordinate this work and to ensure that public health is protected while the potential hazards are removed from the site. The City is currently seeking funding to follow this removal with demolition of the remaining structures and removal of the debris for proper disposal.

For more information on EPA clean up efforts in New England, see: .

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