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Regulatory Changes Requested on Pest Strip and other DDVP Products

Release Date: 05/16/2006
Contact Information: Enesta Jones, (202) 564-4355 /

(5/16/06) As a result of EPA's evaluation to ensure that all pesticides meet current health and safety standards, the manufacturer of insect pest strips containing the organophosphate pesticide DDVP (or dichlorvos) has asked EPA to remove certain uses and further restrict where the pest strips can be used in homes. As part of the standard regulatory process, EPA will publish the proposed changes and its revised risk assessment for DDVP for public comment before issuing a final decision. The request from the manufacturer would remove the largest pest strip use (100 grams) from the registration, and for the remaining sizes (both "large" and "small"), new restrictions would be added to product labels. Specifically, the larger strips could not be used in homes except in garages, attics, crawl spaces, and sheds that are occupied for less than four hours per day. For the smaller pest strips, use in the home would be limited to closets, wardrobes, and cupboards. During the transition to the more restrictive labeling, existing products can continue to be used until the phase-out is complete. EPA reminds consumers of the importance of reading and following all label directions to ensure pesticide products are used correctly. The pest strips are sold as AlcoŽ No-Pest Strip, AMVAC Insect Strip, AlcoŽ Pest Strip, AMVAC No-Pest Strip and Swat Pest Strip. Additionally, the manufacturer is voluntarily deleting other uses of DDVP including: mushroom house, greenhouse, and warehouse hand held fogger uses; total release fogger, as well as lawn, turf/ornamental and crack/crevice uses. The company has also requested label amendments to increase worker protection for the mushroom and greenhouse uses. DDVP will also be included in the organophosphate cumulative risk assessment, which will be issued this summer.

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