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Evergreen Award Presented to Cascade Pest Control

Release Date: 8/10/1998
Contact Information: Carolyn Gangmark
(206) 553-4072 or 1-800-424-4372

August 10, 1998 - - - - - - - - - - 98-42


Cascade Pest Control, of Bellevue, Washington, has become the seventh Northwest company to earn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Evergreen Award for Pollution Prevention.” The award was officially presented today, Monday August 10, in a ceremony at EPA regional headquarters in Seattle.

“The Evergreen Award shines the spotlight on companies that are actively demonstrating how we can build an environmentally sustainable economy in the Northwest,” said Chuck Clarke, EPA regional administrator.

“Cascade Pest Control has shown how environmental protection and a thriving business can go hand-in-hand,” Clarke said. “We need to realize that our homes and yards are part of a larger ecosystem that is directly affected by the chemicals we use. Cascade has built a reputation on offering homeowners a healthier, effective, low-impact choice when considering pest control options.”

Attending the presentation ceremony were EPA’s Clarke, Cascade President, Kurt and Diana Treftz, Gary Clark President Elect of the Washington Pest Control Association and Steve Billmeyer, Regional Director of the National Pest Control Association. Treftz received an Evergreen plaque and flag for his business that identify Cascade Pest Control as an environmental leader in the pest control & management industry.

Cascade Pest Control

Cascade relies on an Integrated Pest Management(IPM) approach to controlling unwanted or nuisance rodents and insects. IPM relies on the proper site inspection, integrating biological, mechanical and cultural pest control methods while minimizing the use of chemicals. Other business practice highlights include:

*Holding weekly, hour-long staff meetings to review pesticide laws and safety; IPM principles and applications; accident prevention; community right-to-know; pesticide storage & transportation; water quality protection and waste recycling.

      *Developing and distributing consumer-oriented pamphlets highlighting IPM methods and encouraging support of less chemical-reliant strategies.

*Notifying -- without being compelled to by law -- local City and fire officials about their storage practices and provided detailed maps and drawings of their facility in case of an emergency.

(*For more detailed information, see the accompanying fact sheet)

The Evergreen Award for Pollution Prevention

EPA’s Evergreen Award is designed to showcase small, medium and large companies in the Pacific Northwest that have clearly incorporated a waste-preventing ethic in their business planning.

Companies in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington will be considered for nomination if they are in full compliance with environmental laws, and meet the criteria of 1) having documented achievement in pollution prevention, 2) a commitment to the environment, and 3)a history of environmental leadership.

Nominations for the EPA Region 10 Evergreen Award for Pollution Prevention will be accepted from employees of environmental regulatory agencies as well as companies themselves. The deadline for the next round of awards is February 13, 1999. Nominations received after that date will be considered for subsequent rounds.
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