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Master Planning for the Puget Sound Industrial Center-Bremerton

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Bremerton, WA

Federal Funding: $400,000
Project Timeline: February 2010 – September 2012

Project Summary

Bremerton has completed working on two key project documents designed to support decisions related to natural environment, economic development, land use, transportation, greenhouse gases (GHGs), utilities, capital facilities, and regulatory frameworks. The City completed a South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) Subarea Plan and Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and released the documents for public review through public workshops and meetings. In August 2012, the SKIA Subarea Plan was unanimously approved by the Bremerton City Council. The City also created a GHG Emissions brochure to describe the EIS methodology and findings, a SKIA User’s Guide, and a Planned Action Ordinance to help ensure a streamlined environmental review. The project has since been renamed the Puget Sound Industrial Center-Bremerton (PSIC-Bremerton).

To promote green development of PSIC-Bremerton, the City of Bremerton developed a work plan for the project, encouraging public participation in the process. The City worked with a consultant to assess the feasibility of attracting green industry to the area, and integrated green infrastructure policies into the City's building code and Master Plan. The City also developed an Environmental Impact Statement and designed a stormwater/wastewater recycling system for PSIC-Bremerton.

The project has been expected to reduce GHG emissions by 913,000 metric tons CO2e over the lifetime of the development, through improved energy performance, reduced vehicle miles traveled, natural resource management, and the increased use of green power. Additionally, the green development codes will continue to help reduce emissions citywide through other future development. The project fulfills the goals of both the EPA and the Puget Sound Partnership in reducing GHG emissions.

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Community Characteristics 

Population:                                 35,600

Area:                                         26 square miles

Government Type:                       City

Community Type:                        Suburban

Median household income:           $38,061

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Final Results

Projected Cumulative Results

Total GHG Reductions

0 mt CO2e

912,695 mt CO2e

Annual Electricity Savings

0 kWh

10,000 kWh

Annual Gasoline Savings

0 gallons

300 gallons

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Lessons Learned

  • Engaging the public was key to success as it ensured buy-in and support of the City’s activities.

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  • Although the program has ended, the energy-efficiency and vehicle use strategies that participants learned will continue to be beneficial.
  • The City expects that the incentive programs in PSIC will be able to serve as an example for others in the west Puget Sound region.

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Project Websites

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