Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments

Basic Information

Investing in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate policies and programs continues to be an important way for state and local governments to achieve multiple goals: reducing greenhouse gas pollution, improving air quality and people’s health, and saving money.

State and local governments play an important role in advancing energy efficiency, renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. They have specific regulatory authority in many areas critical for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving money and energy:

States and local governments have already begun to address climate change and promote clean energy through a variety of programs and policies. Visit the State Climate and Energy Program and Local Climate and Energy Program to learn more about:

  • What state and local governments are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change
  • Steps for getting started with climate change and clean energy policies and programs
  • Examples of successful state and local government initiatives
  • Tools and information resources to support state and local policy development and program implementation.

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