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Pruitt: President Trump Is Focused On Growing Our Economy

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WASHINGTON – Earlier today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was on Fox Business where he discussed President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Accord and how the President is focused on growing our economy. Click here to watch the interview: 


Pruitt On The Paris Accord

ADMINISTRATOR PRUITT: “When the Paris Accord was cut, the head, father of climate science, James Hanson, former NASA scientist, called the Paris Accord a fake and a fraud. The Sierra Club’s general counsel criticized the deal, because China and India didn't have to take any steps under the deal until 2030. India conditioned all of their activity on two and half trillion dollars in aid that would pass through the green climate fund. . . …  This whole process in Paris was all about talk.  The previous administration talked a good game, but they did very little. What the President is doing now is saying let’s [get] focused on what we achieved as a [country,] export [that] to the rest of the world and engage in true discussions [on] how to reduce co2.”

Pruitt On Trump’s Vision To Grow Our Economy

ADMINISTRATOR PRUITT:Absolutely, we should be focused upon using the greatest innovative technology to keep emission levels low in all areas and also growing an economy.”