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Lewiston, Maine Industrial Pretreatment Program Recognized for Excellence

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BOSTON – The wastewater treatment facility in Lewiston, Maine, was recently recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to improving water quality.

The Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority Industrial Pretreatment Program in Lewiston was honored with a "2017 Regional Industrial Pretreatment Program Excellence Award" by EPA's New England office.

The pretreatment program staff in Lewiston, led by Edwin Woods, pretreatment coordinator, was recognized for exceptional work inspecting, permitting and sampling industrial users that discharge industrial waste into the Town's collection system.

"The professionals operating wastewater treatment plants play a very important role in keeping our communities and environment healthy by protecting water quality," said Alexandra Dunn, regional administrator of EPA's New England Office. "We are proud to acknowledge this staff's outstanding contributions to help protect public health and water quality and to give them the credit they deserve."

This award was established to recognize and honor employees of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants for their commitment to improving water quality through outstanding oversight of its industrial users discharging to the municipal sewer system.

The Lewiston Pretreatment Program was presented the Excellence Award at the 19th Annual EPA New England Industrial Pretreatment Program Conference and was also acknowledged at the Annual New England Water Environment Association Conference in Boston.