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EPA and Arkansas to Protect Air Quality

EPA awards $409,936 to ADEQ

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DALLAS – (June 26, 2017) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently awarded $409,936 to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to support the state’s air pollution reduction program. The grant will support attainment and maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards in many of Arkansas’ largest population centers. The state’s program also helps reduce harmful emissions of toxic pollutants and the enforcement of air regulations within the state.  

“A fundamental part of EPA’s ‘back-to-basics agenda’ is strengthening our state partnerships and this grant is an example of how to achieve that success,” said Administrator Pruitt.

“Returning non-attainment areas to attainment for air quality is critically important to measuring our success,” said Sam Coleman, Acting EPA Regional Administrator. “This grant gives us a better understanding of the pollution sources that may be affecting our air quality.”

“Today we are pleased to accept an EPA grant to drive further innovative, cost-effective solutions and continuous improvement in Arkansas’s air, which is critical for healthy communities and economic progress.  Through cooperative efforts, Arkansas’s state of air quality is one of the best in the nation—achieving all national air quality standards.  Our progress is most effectively achieved through actions and support from local, state, and federal partners,” said ADEQ Director Becky Keogh.

The Clean Air Act was established to lower levels of six common pollutants -- particles, ozone, lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide -- as well as numerous toxic pollutants in communities across the county. Data of actual conditions is key to clean air programs and areas reaching attainment. The progress of the Clean Air Act reflects efforts by state, local governments, business, non-profit and non-government organizations, and EPA.

Every year, EPA awards over $4 billion in funding for grants and other assistance agreements nationwide. From small non-profit organizations to large state governments, EPA typically works to help many organizations achieve their environmental goals. With countless success stories over the years, EPA grants remain a chief tool in the advancement of public health and the environment.

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