John W. Hernandez, Jr.

[EPA press release - March 2, 1981]

Name: John Whitlock Hernandez, Jr.
Date and Place of Birth: 8/8/29 [see note], Albuquerque, N.M.
Married to Dr. Frances Baker Hernandez, Professor, University of Texas-El Paso
1945 Martin High School, Laredo, Texas
1945-1951 University of New Mexico, B.S. (Civil Engineering)
1958-1959 Purdue University, M.S. (Sanitary Engineering)
1962-1965 Harvard University, Ph.D. (Water Resources)
1964-1965 Teaching Fellow, Harvard University
1951-1954 U.S. Navy--Staff engineering and material officer
1957-1962 Associate Engineer, New Mexico Health Department, Santa Fe. (Engineer responsible for state's water pollution control program)
1965-1975 Professor of Civil Engineering, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
1966-1970 Director, Environmental Health Engineering Program, New Mexico State University
1970 Research professor, Faculatad de Ciencias y Matematica, Universidad de Chile, Santiago
1971-1973 Acting Co-Director, New Mexico Environmental Institute
1971-1973 Director, Environmental Health Engineering Program, New Mexico State University
1973-1974 Visiting professor, civil engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
1975-1980 Dean of Engineering, New Mexico State University; Professor of Civil Engineering, New Mexico State University
1981 Professor of Civil Engineering, New Mexico State University
Publications: Books: The Effects of ABS on Sludge Digestion (thesis, Purdue University, 1959). Rate-Limiting Step in the Up-Take of Soluble Organics by Heterogenous Bacteria between 10 and 70 Degrees Centrigrade (dissertation, Harvard University, 1965). Manual on Urban Land-Use Management for New Mexico Municipalities, Las Cruces, NMSU, 1969; Second Edition, 1972. Manual on the National Safe Drinking Water Act, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, March 1976. Also, has authored more than 20 technical reports and articles in technical journals.
Academic/Civic Activities and Awards:
Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi
1968-1970 Advisory Committee on Multiple Uses of U.S. Forests to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
1969-1970 Advisory Committee for Remote Area Health Program, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
1969-1971 Governor's Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee on Air and Water Pollution, chairman
1967-1970 Governor's Committee on Economic Development
1969-1970 Harvard Club of New Mexico, director
1969-1970 President, New Mexico Conservation-Coordination Committee
1970 Commendation from President Nixon for exceptional service in environmental pollution control
1975-1977 U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Advisory Council

[Note: According to Who's Who Among Hispanic Americans, 1992, 2nd edition, John Whitlock Hernandez, Jr. was born on Aug. 17, 1929.]