Administrator William K. Reilly, 1989-1993

William K. Reilly
Administrator William D. Reilly

Administrator Reilly served under President George H.W. Bush. He represented the United States at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. He was an instrumental figure in the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, which contained the first provisions to control acid rain.

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  • William K. Reilly: Biography
  • William K. Reilly: Oral History Interview (EPA publications number 202-K-95-002; September 1995) -- examines the background and role of EPA Agency Administrator William K. Reilly (1989-1993) during the George Bush Administration, including: his background with the Council on Environmental Quality, World Wildlife Fund, and Conservation Foundation; EPA relationships with Congress, the White House, OMB and the Council on Competitiveness, industry, the press, and state, local, and tribal governments; global political changes and EPA; significant accomplishments, and more.
  • Fall 1990 EPA Journal Interview A Vision for EPA's Future: An Interview with William K. Reilly

Articles by Administrator Reilly

  • Opening Statement at the Second Meeting of Parties to the Montreal Protocol, June 1990
  • Aiming Before We Shoot: The Quiet Revolution in Environmental Policy, Sept. 1990
  • EPA: Twenty Years Young, Dec. 1990
  • The New Clean Air Act: An Environmental Milestone, Jan./Feb. 1991 EPA Journal
  • Statement on the North American Free Trade Agreement, August 1992
  • The Road from Rio, Sep./Oct. 1992 EPA Journal

Article about Administrator Reilly

  • William K. Reilly: A Profile of the New Administrator from March/April 1989 EPA Journal