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Learning Materials for Surface Water Monitoring

N. Scott Urquhart

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877

The Spatial-Temporal Aquatic Resources Modeling and Analysis Program (STARMAP) is funded by EPA's STAR Program. It has a specific responsibility for outreach to states and tribes. This responsibility is being met by the development and delivery of learning materials oriented toward probability-based sampling of aquatic resources as advocated by EMAP and other EPA programs. The materials will be individualized and available via a web-browser. The materials are designed to be available on a CD-ROM or intranet, not on the internet for reasons which will be explained. A preliminary draft of the interface environment is available and an early draft of a few sections have recently undergone user testing. This talk will report recent results, and solicit potential evaluators from the intended user community.

Keywords: aquatic resources, learning, monitoring, statistics, probability sampling, CD-ROM

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