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Integrating Coastal Systems into Lake-wide and Basin-wide Assessment Designs for the Great Lakes

Kelly, J. 1, P. Yurista 1 J. Scharold 1, M. Sierszen 1, S. Miller 1, J. Morrice 1, G. Peterson 1, M. Knuth 1, G. Niemi 2, N. Danz 2 T. Hollenhorst 2

1 EPA/ORD/NHEERL/Mid-Continet Ecology Division, Duluth MN
2 Univ of MN-Duluth, Natural Resource Research Institute, Duluth MN

A goal is to develop scientific approaches for coastal assessments that integrate with comprehensive lake-wide assessment on the one hand and couple with watershed/basin-wide health on the other. In this context, our research has provided significant results in two major theme areas.

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