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EMAP-West Information Management

Background. Information Management is an integral part of the landscape, surface waters, and coastal groups. Data collected by EMAP-West are used by study participants to assess the environmental conditions of the region. These ecological data, collected under a consistent design and consistent methods over broad regions, have many uses well beyond the original study and will be widely distributed via the EMAP-West web pages. EMAP-West information management objectives include:

Approach. The EMAP Information Management Plan: 1998 2001 describes the overall approach used to manage EMAP data and support the EMAP Research Strategy. More details on EMAP-West are given by:

EMAP Western Pilot Study Implementation Plan;

EMAP Western Pilot Homepage

Web Sites. These documents and other information can be found on the EMAP-West web site. (https://www.epa.gov/emap/west/)

Descriptions of EMAP and EMAP Information Management are on the EMAP web site. (https://www.epa.gov/emap/)

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