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Field Operations Manual for Lakes

Field Operations Manual for Lakes

June 1997
John R. Baker1, David V. Peck1,2, and Donna W. Sutton1 (editors). 1997

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program Surface Waters: Field Operations Manual for Lakes. EPA/620/R-97/001. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C.

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The methods and instructions for field operations presented in this manual for lake surveys were developed and tested through 4 years of pilot and demonstration projects from 1991 through 1994. These projects were conducted under the sponsorship of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its collaborators through the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP). This program focuses on evaluating ecological conditions on regional and national scales. This document describes procedures for collecting data, samples, and information about biotic assemblages, environmental measures, or attributes of indicators of lake ecosystem condition. The procedures presented in this manual were developed based on standard or accepted methods, modified as necessary to adapt them to EMAP sampling requirements. In addition to methodology, additional information on data management and other logistical aspects is integrated into the procedures and overall operational scenario. Procedures are described for collecting chlorophyl a, water, sedimentary diatoms, and zooplankton data in conjunction with the development of standard methods to obtain acceptable index samples for macrobenthos, fish assemblage, fish tissue contaminants, riparian birds, and physical habitat structure. The manual describes field implementation of these methods and the logistical foundation constructed during field projects. The manual includes flow charts with overall summaries of specific field activities required to visit a lake site and collect data for these indicators. Tables give step-by-step protocol instructions. These figures and tables can be extracted and bound separately to make a convenient quick field reference for field teams. The manual also includes example field data forms for recording measurements and observations made in the field and sample tracking information. Checklists of all supplies and equipment needed for each field task are included to help ensure that these materials are available when required.

For further information contact:

EMAP Surface Waters Group
National Health and Environmental Effects
Research Laboratory
Western Ecology Division
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
(541) 754-4600

1Lockheed Environmental Systems & Technologies Co., Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. Contract No. 68-C0-0049
2Current Address: U.S. EPA, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division, Corvallis, Oregon

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