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NNEMS Project 2012-303

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The deadline for applying to the 2012 program was January 30, 2012. Program materials are provided for reference purposes only.

Program Announcement
Identifier: EPA-EED-12-01

NNEMS Catalog for 2012
(EPA 171-B-12-001)

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NNEMS Application Materials
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Evaluation of 2010 Ambient Air Monitoring Network Assessments

Office of Air and Radiation, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

The Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards develops and enforces national ambient air quality standards through ambient and source monitoring and issuing emission control regulations and associated policies.

Under this project, the fellow will research the 2010 ambient monitoring network assessments that were conducted by state and local monitoring agencies in response to revised monitoring regulations. These assessments are expected to provide a roadmap of changes that are anticipated nationally over the next 5 years in air monitoring networks in response to changes in pollution, population, technology and resources.

Specific elements of this project are likely to include:

It also is expected that the fellow will directly work with EPA staff in all of the regional offices, as well as monitor contacts at the state and local agencies, in a collaborative way to obtain information and discuss assessments and the process that was used.

The fellow will gain experience and understanding of ambient monitoring network design requirements and strategies, use of statistical and graphical analysis tools, and gain technical insights through discussions with both EPA regional office and state and local monitoring personnel. Oral and written communication skills also will be enhanced through technical discussions, preparation of a final report, and presentation to mentors and NNEMS colleagues at the completion of the project.

Final Product:
The fellow will develop a report that summarizes the issues noted above, including detailed summary tables of site/monitor changes that were noted in the assessments. Detailed outputs from this work could include maps, tables and graphs describing work that is being done. The fellow also will conduct a presentation to mentors and NNEMS colleagues at the completion of the project.

Desired Level of Education:
Junior to Graduate Student

Project Location:
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Project Period:
5/14/2012 to 8/24/2012

Project Officer:
Dennis Shipman

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