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NNEMS Project 2012-201

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The deadline for applying to the 2012 program was January 30, 2012. Program materials are provided for reference purposes only.

Program Announcement
Identifier: EPA-EED-12-01

NNEMS Catalog for 2012
(EPA 171-B-12-001)

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Sustainable Materials Management in the Pacific Northwest

EPA Region 10, Office of Air, Waste and Toxics

The mission of the Office of Air, Waste and Toxics is to be a steward of the environment to protect air quality, control toxics and manage waste.

The fellow will support the Waste Materials Management and Stewardship Team in its mission to support more sustainable use of materials and waste management in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The fellow will work with members of the team to integrate materials management into climate change discussion, policies and programs. For example, the fellow will work with the team as it develops resources and tools to promote sustainability, recycling and green building practices. The fellow will develop case studies, research best practices and participate in a web-based educational series on effective sustainability, recycling and green building practices and programs. In addition, the fellow will meet with state, local and tribal partners to research how these improved environmental practices have been integrated into their businesses. Finally, the fellow will support development of product stewardship initiatives and implementation of climate actions into federal facilities. To be successful at this project, the fellow should have strong oral and written communication skills, an understanding of sustainability, and a passion for environmental work. Specific assignments will include interviewing partners to learn about green practices and conducting research, as well as working closely with a high-energy and collaborative team.

The EPA will select up to two fellows for this project. The project dates can be negotiated, but the project length must be no less than 6 months at 20 to 30 hours per week, depending on the project length.

The fellow will gain understanding in a new and exciting area of work - sustainable materials management. The fellow will understand the impact of materials management on our climate footprint and will be able to translate that understanding into effective communications.

Final Product:
The final product will include a written and oral component and will demonstrate the fellow's ability to conduct effective research and find superior environmental outcomes. The exact nature of the work products will depend on which projects the fellow focuses and may include intermediate reports on any of the materials management topics listed above.

Desired Level of Education:
Graduate Student to Ph.D. Student

Project Location:
Seattle, Washington

Project Period:
6/1/2012 to 5/31/2013

Project Officer:
Lisa McArthur

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