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1995 Midwest Oak Savanna and Woodland Ecosystems Conferences


This recovery plan is the product of a several-year process involving hundreds of people, including scientists, professionals, educators, and administrators. That process began when scores of knowledgeable conservationists submitted their ideas regarding oak savanna recovery in preparations for a 1993 workshop. Milo Anderson, W. Buck, Karen Holland, Steve Packard, and Greg Rajsky compiled those ideas into a pre-workshop discussion document (M. Anderson et al. 1993). Additional ideas were generated and discussed at the workshops held at the Environmental Protection Agency offices in Chicago. These expanded ideas were then edited by Paul Botts et al. (1994) and several other editors into the Oak Ecosystems Recovery Plan 1994 Draft. That document was widely circulated for comment.

This 1995 iteration of the Recovery Plan builds upon these two previous works and the many written and spoken reactions to them. Thus, credit rightfully belongs to the many participants throughout this process. Funding for this part of the project has been provided by US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office.

We gratefully acknowledge the involvement in preparing this plan of the following individuals:

  • Dennis Albert (Mich. Natural Features Inventory) 

  • Jim Anderson (Lake Co. FPD, Ill.) 

  • Roger Anderson (U of Ill.-Normal) 

  • Sybill Amelon (Mark Twain Natl. For.) 

  • Steve Apfelbaum (Applied Ecol. Serv.) 

  • Brian Bader (U Wisc. Arboretum) 

  • Jeb Barzen (Intl. Crane Foundation) 

  • Harvey Ballard (U Wisc.-Madison) 

  • Marlin Bowles (Morton Arboretum, Ill.) 

  • Dave Beckmann (U Wisc.-Stevens Pt.) 

  • Cathy Bleser (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • Nancy Braker (TNC-Wisconsin) 

  • Cathy Cairns (US Fish & Wildlife Serv.) 

  • Steve Chaplin (TNC-Midwest Reg. Off.) 

  • Ed Collins (McHenry Co. Cons. Dist., Ill.) 

  • Sue Crispin (TNC-Great Lakes Prog.) 

  • Marcella DeMauro (Will Co. FPD, Ill.) 

  • Pauline Drobney (Walnut Creek Natl. Wildlife Ref.) 

  • Gary Eldred (The Prairie Enthusiasts) 

  • Joan Elias (U Wisc.-Green Bay) 

  • Eric Epstein (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • Don Faber-Langendoen (TNC-Midwest Regional Office) 

  • Molly Fifield-Murray (U Wisc. Arb.) 

  • Kent Fuller (EPA-Great Lakes Program) 

  • Rebecca Gee (TNC-Illinois) 

  • Tom Givnish (U Wisc.-Madison) 

  • Steve Glass (U Wisc. Arboretum) 

  • Katie Green (TNC-Illinois) 

  • Susanne Greenlee (TNC-Missouri) 

  • Alan Haney (U.Wisc.-Stevens Point) 

  • Rich Henderson (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • Kim Herman (Mich. Natural Heritage) 

  • Karen Holland (EPA-Great Lakes Program) 

  • Steve Hubner (Lafayette Co., Wisc.) 

  • Peter Hujik (TNC-California) 

  • Hugh Iltis (U Wisc.-Madison) 

  • William Jordan III (U Wisc. Arboretum) 

  • Kathy Kirk (TNC-Wisconsin) 

  • James Kirkman (Fort McCoy, Wisc., US Army) 

  • Virginia Kline (U Wisc. Arboretum) 

  • Doug Ladd (TNC-Missouri) 

  • Wayne Lampa (DuPage Co. FPD, Ill.) 

  • Cynthia Lane (U. of Minnesota) 

  • Gary Larson (U Wisc.-Stevens Point) 

  • Don Lawson (US EPA Region 5) 

  • Edith Makra (TNC-Illinois) 

  • Mark Martin (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • Judith Maxwell (U Wisc.-Madison) 

  • Ken McCarty (Missouri State Parks) 

  • James Meeker (Northland College) 

  • Thomas Meyer (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • Kim Mello (Fort McCoy, Wisc. US Army) 

  • Jon Mendelson (Governors State Univ.) 

  • Walter Mirk (The Prairie Enthusiasts) 

  • John Ochsner (The Prairie Enthusiasts) 

  • Noel Pavlovic (Natl Biological Survey) 

  • Jane Prohaska (TNC Midwest Region) 

  • Brian Pruka (TNC Midwest Region) 

  • Bill Rudy (Wisconsin DNR) 

  • John Shuey (TNC-Indiana) 

  • Terry Seidel (TNC-Ohio) 

  • Mary Kay Solecki (Ill. Nature Preserves Comm.) 

  • Lisa Thomas (Wilson Creek Natl. Battlefield) 

  • Drew Ullburg (Kane Co. FPD, Ill.) 

  • Kristin Westad (Nicolet National Forest) 

  • Richard Whitman (National Biological Survey) 

  • Tim Wilder (Fort McCoy, Wisc., US Army) 

  • Gerould Wilhelm (Morton Arboretum, Ill.) 

  • Leni Wilsman (Mich. Natural Features Inventory) 



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