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Assistance and Inspections Publications

Federal facilities, like all private and state facilities, are subject to inspections to see that they comply with Federal environmental requirements. EPA's Federal Facilities Enforcement Office offers assistance to Federal facilities so that they can comply with those regulations and requirements. For information to help Federal facilities comply, see the following topics:

Pollution Prevention is any practice which reduces the amount of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant entering waste streams or released into the environment (including fugitive emissions) prior to recycling, treatment or disposal. It is any practice which results in reducing the hazards to public health and the environment.

Environmental Management Systems is defined as "that part of the overall practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the environmental policy." EMS focuses on environmental management practices rather than the activities themselves.

Newsletters: EPA's Federal Facilities Enforcement Office publishes periodically an environmental bulletin called FedFacs, which highlights information about pollution prevention, compliance assistance, EPA-Federal agency partnerships and other topical information. Additionally, our site contains Other Newsletters of interest to Federal facilities.

Cross-Media: Federal facilities must comply with various environmental laws and Presidential Executive Orders. Part of EPA's mission is to ensure that Federal facilities comply with applicable environmental requirements. Additionally, Federal facilities are impacted by various EPA enforcement and compliance policies.

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