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December 2010 Meeting


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IntegrationWorkgroup Meeting
December 1, 2010
77 W. Jackson Boulevard
Lake Michigan Room - 12th Floor
Chicago, Illinois

8:00am Registration
8:30am Welcome and Introductions [DRAFT PDF 372Kb, 22 pages] Esther Bobet, Director, Environmental Protection Operations Division, EC and Gary Gulezian, Director, Great Lakes National Program Office, USEPA
8:45am Roundtable – Stakeholder Updates
9:15am Overview of National Wildlife Federation NGO Survey [PDF 558Kb, 19 pages] – Michael Murray, NWF
ObjectiveTo present highlights of the NWF’s survey of NGOs on chemicals policy, the GLBTS and the GLWQA.
9:30am Workgroup Updates
  •  HCB/B(a)P Workgroup [PDF 70Kb, 9 pages]Steve Rosenthal, USEPA and Tom Tseng, EC
  •  Dioxin/Furans Workgroup [PDF 91, 11 pages]Anita Wong, EC and Erin Newman, USEPA
  •  PCB Workgroup – Bradley Grams, USEPA and Ken De, EC
10:00am Update on U.S. Action Plans [PDF 77Kb, 26 pages]Bradley Grams, USEPA
Objective:  To provide an update on the management of the following priority substances in the US Chemical Management Program and to discuss potential voluntary efforts to address toxics concerns:
  •  Benzidine dyes and pigments
  •  Nonylphenols/Nonylphenol ethoxylates
  •  HBCD (hexabromocyclo dodecane)
  •  Future Plans under Consideration (Siloxanes and Isocyanates/Diisocyanates)
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Highlighting an Example of Industry Excellence [PDF 38Kb, 12 pages]Graham Knowles, Vinyl Council of Canada, a Council of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Objective: To present the Vinyl Council of Canada’s initiation of a voluntary program to minimize the exposure of tin stabilizers to the aquatic environment, the subsequent upgrade to an official Environmental Performance Agreement and implementation experience to date.
11:30am Report out on Emerging Chemicals Screening in Multi-Media Working Group Meeting [PDF 149Kb, 12 pages]Elizabeth Murphy, USEPA and Sean Backus, EC
Objective:  To provide an update on efforts to screen emerging chemicals in the Great Lakes environment
12:00pm Lunch (Hosted by Environment Canada)
12:45pm Wastewater Treatment Update [PDF 1.13Mb, 28 pages]Gary Klecka, DOW, Sonya Klegweg, Ontario MOE, and Shirley-Anne Smyth, EC
Objective:  To provide an overview of how compounds of emerging concern are being quantified at WTPs, the related concern about the land application of biosolids containing these compounds, and how treatment technology can address emerging compounds.  Presentations will include an analysis of the effectiveness of WTPs that discharge into the Great Lakes Basin with respect to their removal of compounds of emerging concern.
2:15pm BREAK
2:30pm Report out on SETAC Annual Meeting [PDF 340Kb, 12 pages]Ted Smith, USEPA
Objective:  To provide information to GLBTS stakeholders related to the development of a Strategy for Assessing Exposure to and Effects of Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes.
3:15pm Next Steps
3:30pm Adjourn


 December 1, 2010: Integration Workgroup Meeting Summary
 Welcome and Introductions [DRAFT PDF 372Kb, 22 pages]

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