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Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy



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Status Updates

September 23, 2009

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 5
77 W. Jackson Boulevard - Chicago, Illinois

DIAL-IN NUMBER: (866) 299 3188
CODE: 1719009

10:00am Introductions
10:10am Brief Updates (5-10 minutes each)
  • Canadian Great Lakes Substance Priorities Working Group - Allan-Paul Dane, Environment Canada
  • Chemicals Management at Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment – Julie Schroeder, MOE
    Description: This item will provide an update on the Province’s Toxic Reduction Act and the Emerging Chemicals of Concern Prioritization RFP and planned Steering Committee.
  • Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement renewal Linda Klaamas, Environment Canada
  • IJC’s Biennial Meeting – Ted Smith USEPA
    Description: The purpose of this IJC meeting is to address the results of the IJC breakout session on Chemicals of Emerging Concern. It will include participation by the Great Lakes Science Advisory and Water Quality Boards and the commissioners of the IJC.
  • Mercury Science and Policy Workshop (PDF 20Kb,  5 pages)Alexis Cain USEPA
    The “2009 Mercury Science and Policy Conference with a Special Focus on the Northeast and Great Lakes Regions” will be held November 17th and 18th, 2009, with the purpose of bringing together public, private, and non-governmental leaders that are focusing on reducing mercury in the environment.
  • CEC SMOC - Luke Trip CEC, Program Manager
    The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation has as one of its priorities, the sound management of chemicals as it relates to both environmental and human health risk management and trade related considerations. Capacity building and scientifically valid information for decision makers encompasses both traditional toxic chemicals and new, emerging substances such as brominated organics and endocrine disruptors. Future directions and potential linkages with other international and bilateral initiatives will be discussed.
10:40am Update on CMP Great Lakes Monitoring and Surveillance (PDF 210Kb, 10 pages)- Melanie Neilson/Sean Backus, Environment Canada
11:10am GLRI Toxics Monitoring and Surveillance Panel Presentation (PDF 708Kb, 59 pages)- Moderator, Ted Smith, USEPA, GLNPO 
  Description: The purpose of the panel presentations is to review the proposed projects under the GLRI to conduct new chemical Monitoring and Surveillance.  The is interested in receiving feedback from stakeholders regarding these planned activities. The panel discussion will include representatives from the following US departments:
  • Expanded Mussel Watch Program in the Great Lakes, Kimani Kimbrough, Ed Johnson, NOAA
  • Early Warning System for Chemicals of Emerging Concern, Dave DeVault, USFWS
  • Tributary Monitoring, and Effects of Contaminants on Indicator Species, Charlie Peters, Tom Custer, USGS
  • Monitoring and Surveillance, Todd Nettesheim, Beth Murphy, USEPA, GLNPO
12:10pm Next Steps


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