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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

Symbols Used in the Web Course

A set of symbols are used in the course to identify topics or ideas.

Icon Meaning

Objectives Icon Topic objectives. The objectives are highlighted to help keep the goals of the topic in focus.
Beginning Topic Icon Basic introduction to a topic.
Intermediate Topic Icon In depth information on how to apply basic knowledge in a modeling context.
Advanced Topic Icon

Advanced information that provides improved approaches and understanding, but may have limited application to field problems because of lack of data or other resources.

Advanced topics are optional and provided mostly for enrichment.

Major Idea Icon Major ideas are indicated by the light bulb icon.

Calculator Use Icon The calculator indicates upcoming usage of an OnSite calculator.
Back of the Envelope Icon The envelope indicates a back of the envelope calculation. Sometimes what's produced on the back of an envelope is brilliant. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is reported to be an example.
Tools Icon In addition to the calculators, tools of pratical use are provided in the web course.

Education Icon The Greek architecture reminds us of things related to education.
Education Icon There are some things that we like.
Education Icon ... and some we dislike.
Education Icon A place to store information.

Guide Icon The lighthouse indicates guidance or warnings against certain practices
Doesn't Raise a Red Flag Icon Indicates an approach or value that doesn't raise a red flag.
Beginning to Raise a Red Flag Icon Indicates an approach or value that is on the virge of raising a red flag. This may be a value that is in conventional usage, but is theoretically unsound.
Raises a Red Flag Icon Indicates an approach or value that should raise a red flag. Agency employees or consultants should beware when this is encountered.
Raises Two Red Flags Icon Emphatically indicates caution when this approach or value is encountered.

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