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EPA On-line Tools for Site Assessment Calculation

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How to use the Tutorials

The site-based examples contain

Although most of the pages are arranged to be followed sequentially, there are a few details that need explanation.


Each of the small drawings used on the example pages can be enlarged by clicking on the figure. More detail is usually available in the full size graphics, and complete understanding of the examples may require viewing all the full-sized graphics.

Use of the calculators

Calculator icon The web pages that use the calculators list values of the input parameters that should be entered for a given calculation. These can be remembered or written down and entered into the calculator. To avoid this, however, the pages were equipped to preload the data into the calculators via the use of JavaScript cookies. Because of a Federal ban on the use of browser cookies this capability has been eliminated.

Returning to the tutorial page

When done using the calculator, you can return to the tutorial by pressing the browser's back button, or pressing the calculator's "go back" button Go back button.


Generally the answers to the exercise are on subsequent tutorial pages. So if you skip ahead, you will see the answers ahead of time.

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