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Hydraulic Gradient
Gradient Calculation from fitting a plane to three points
a x1 + b y1 + c = h1
a x2 + b y2 + c = h2
a x3 + b y3 + c = h3

where (xi,yi) are the coordinates of the well and
hi is the head

i = 1,2,3

The gradient is calculated from the square root of (a2 + b2) and the angle from the arctangent of a/b or b/a depending on the quadrant
Site Name
Map Scale
Measurement Units

Map Units
Measured Coordinates
x-coordinate y-coordinate head

Map Coordinates
Location 1 (x1,y1)
Location 2 (x2,y2)
Location 3 (x3,y3)
Gradient (i)
Degrees from North (+ y axis)
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