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EPA On-line Tools for Site Assessment Calculation

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The calculators are operated by entering the requested data into the spaces provided. After each item is entered, the calculator automatically reruns the calculation. When the input data set is complete the entire calculation is performed and the final answer is obtained.

Button reference
Button Function
Example button Pastes an example data set into the calculator and calculates the result.
Multiple example button Buttons for multiple sets of examples.
Example descriptions Explanations of example data sets.
Calculate button Forces the calculation of the result. The calculator also returns the result when data is entered and the mouse is clicked outside the data entry box.
Clear button Erases the data from the calculator
Save button Saves the current data to the user's cookie file. All use of Cookies eliminated 2-9-2001
Recall button Recalls data from the user's cookie file. All use of Cookies eliminated 2-9-2001
Date button Pastes the current date into the calculator.
Goback button Returns to the page visited prior to the calculator.

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